Little Miss Dysthymia

Separatist Feminist Introverted Goth Cinephile Bookworm Disabled Vegetarian Romantic Asexual

This is what’s outside:

  • Dirt
  • Tumbleweeds
  • Blinding Sunlight
  • Lots of Insects/Arachnids
  • Snakes/Lizards
  • Dully Colored Birds
  • OppressiveĀ Heat
  • People

This is what’s inside:

  • Computer/Internet
  • Cat
  • Television
  • Food
  • Air Conditioning
  • Comfy Chairs
  • Nice Dim Lighting
  • Few Insects/Arachnids

If I didn’t live in the Middle of Nowhere Arizona Desert maybe I’d have more things I could do outside. But I do, so I don’t. I’ve seen everything there is to see in my town TEN BILLION TIMES! It’s gotten to the point that it’s exciting when they build a new gas station! That is how boring this place is!

1 year ago
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